Ghost Mannequin Service

Achieve Stunning Product Visuals with Ghost Mannequin Photography Solutions.

Ghost mannequin service is a post-production technique used in the fashion industry to remove visible signs of a mannequin from garment images. It creates a 3D-like effect, highlighting the shape and details of the clothing item. This service offers a consistent presentation, cost-effectiveness, focus on product details, and versatility for marketing purposes.


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Professional Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is a fashion industry technique that removes visible signs of mannequins from garment images, creating a 3D-like effect to highlight clothing details. It ensures consistent presentation, cost-effectiveness, and product-focused marketing. Brands benefit by showcasing their products effectively for informed customer decisions.

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Basic Clipping Path – Only $0.69 per image

Medium Clipping Path – Only $1.49 per image

Complex Clipping Path – Only $2.99 per image

Quality Clipping Path and Related Service Starting only $0.39


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